Wish List: Discussion Groups as Easy to Use as Email

One thing on my wish list for Christmas is a team discussion application that’s as easy to use as as email.  It seems that no matter how hard I try use collaboration tools,  team discussions started in an application like SharePoint inevitably end up moving to email.   I don’t like lengthy  email discussions: they clutter up my inbox, threads are dsitributed and not easily searched, and they take place in a vacuum. 

What I really want is dynamically generated discussions:  I want something that recognizes that a discussion between 3 or more people has started and automagically moves the content to the correct centralized project discussion forum.  It’s then able to inform others on a project of the discussion so that they can join in. All the while, the interface is as simple as writing and replying to an email.

Is there such a thing or is that a pipe dream?


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  1. audie on

    Just checking out your blog and saw the pipe dream question—there was one—in 2000 called eCourier.
    Greatest for ‘webinar’ but was designed to run UDP on the mutli-cast technology. Desktop program about 20 Meg and i referred to it as ’email on steroids’.
    Pass any size doc. format, video & NO VIRUSES could be transmitted.
    Hard to convice ISP/CLEC to run multi-cast so we devleoped technology to run on VPN (linux) and were making inroads til the cash burn kill the company—that and 9/11!
    Just thought you might want to know & not sure where this technology is headed…


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