Managing a Web Business in a Downturn Economy

Some good advice from 37Signals about operating a web-based business to survive a downturn in the economy:

  • staying small,
  • being frugal,
  • focusing on just a few core things at a time,
  • quick wins,
  • eliminating abstractions that lead to miscommunication and complexity,
  • only doing what you need to do instead of everything you could possibly do,
  • charging your customer for your service (instead of an advertising model)
  • marketing without spending

Like most of us, I’ve worked for companies that grew to fast and then had to cut back – it’s an awful and painful experience, no matter whether you’re the one being cut or you’re the one doing the cutting.

The key here is that if you manage your growth by staying focused, avoiding debt, staying profitable and staying away from revenue models that suffer in a downturn, you should do pretty well.


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