Dead Simple Ways to Prepare for a Job Fair

I just came back from a job fair at Carleton University in Ottawa.  It really struck me how unprepared the students and grads were.  Two simple things can improve your chances of getting hired:

  1. Research the companies that are going to be at the job fair – My company is the third largest telecommunications company in Canada, has over 6000 employees and annual revenues of almost $2B.  Only one of the 50 odd students/grads I spoke with knew who we were.  I had to spend the first five minutes explaining who our company is and what a telecommunications company does.  For god’s sake, if you really want to get hired do a little research beforehand!
  2. Bring some resumes to hand out – Sure, you can upload your resume and apply for a job online, but you’re much better off leaving something tangible before you leave.  Otherwise, how can you be sure that the employer will remember you or find your application later on?  Plus the employer can discuss your experience and qualifications with you and perhaps give you some career advice. It’s still a good idea to apply online but come with paper too.

These are two simple things you can do that will increase your chances of finding employment.  It will also optimize the short time you will have to talk careers with a perspective employer.


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