Ottawa Democamp10 & Announcing TeamCamp

Update: I’ve now created a wiki for TeamCamp

Ottawa Democamp10 was a blast! Just as promised, it was fun, friendly and informal.

Chris Taggart provided a demo of FixIt Ottawa – a local problem reporting tool. I spoke to Chris before his demo and I was really impressed by his hard work with the good folks at the City of Ottawa. Not only is Chris building a dynamic website but he also has to deal with government bureaucracy. I wish him the best in developing this site because I think it’ll be a great tool and I hope the City recognizes his contributions. It ‘s people like Chris who will bring our local governments, perhaps kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

Aydin Mirzaee provided an amazing demo of and ScreeningRoom. As I watched his demos it became clear to me that the stunning interface the folks at developed not only represents the future of web applications but it sets the bar for desk-top applications as well. For example, in FluidSurveys you create web-based surveys by dragging and dropping questions, picking the method for responding, and adding flow controls, all from one screen.

I was also impressed by Gazaro, a platform that let’s you create your own personal sales flyer of the biggest and best deals of products that you are looking for in your area. I wish it was available before I bought that digital camera last week – I’m sure I would have paid less! These guys are taking intelligent search engines to the next level. It can even show you price trends over a time period so you can decide whether to wait before you make that purchase. I can’t wait for Canadian retailers to be supported. PS – check out the hilarious press release describing how Gazaro was selected as the winner of the “coveted and highly subjective Calacanis TC50 Disqualification award”.

Sixent is Ramius Corporation’s multi-profile social networking site. Sixent lets you control the way you share your online profile depending on whether you’re connecting with friends, family, business contacts, or the world. Imagine a Facebook that you could customize available content depending on who you’re sharing it with – that’s Sixent. The Enterprise version of Sixent could be a clever way to get social networking accepted by businesses that have not quite embraced the whole social networking thing.

Thanks to some Internet connectivity issues, Andrew Ross from osbootcamp sneaked in a demo of Ingress Cafe. This opensource product is a java application development tool that accelerates and simplifies development with Java. Ingress Cafe was selected as the Best Application Development Tool at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo this week. Impressive!

DemoCamp Ottawa reminded me why I love this city. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places in the world but we also have the most talented and creative thinkers around.

I took the plunge and provided a demo of one of my Rails applications, GiftMyList. I was truly taken aback by the warm and supportive response I received from the audience during and after my demo. It gave me the encouragement I needed to complete this particular project, and to get cracking on others, which brings me to the second half of this post…

Announcing TeamCamp

Team Camp is a series of events aimed at forming like-minded individuals into teams for the purpose of turning ideas for software or web applications into successful businesses.

If you are…

  • Someone with an idea that you would like to turn into a web or software business,
  • Working full time but, wanting to take the start-up plunge part-time before the BIG leap,
  • A student looking for start-up experience,
  • You have experience with start-ups and just want to lend a hand

… then come to the first TeamCamp meeting:

Date: Thursday, 9th October, 2008
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Where: @ TheCodeFactory (246 Queen Street)

How do you get involved?

Step 1. Contact Chris: chrisjchmitt[@]gmail[dot]com or Ian Graham: info[at]thecodefactory[dot]ca.
Step 2. Attend the kick off meeting.
Step 3. Bring your ideas!

Why are we doing this? In a recent Sitepoint post, Daniel Burka’s advice to young designers put it perfectly:

I’d strongly encourage them to find people with like interests and start working together on stuff. Build fictitious projects, and try stuff.

If this sounds like you then come on down to the first TeamCamp! (except we’re going to work on real projects)

A special thanks to Ian Graham at The Code Factory for his help and encouragement, and for providing us with a fantastic venue for hosting these events.

– Chris


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  1. Ian Graham on

    Hey Chris, glad you enjoyed DemoCamp. Really looking forward to the launch of TeamCamp. Awesome idea.

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