Fun with Ruby and Rails

My interest in web development started when I had a idea for a social website based on the Google maps API. While I had some programming experience it was drastically in need of a major update. I’m still in awe in regard to how much a web developer needs to know. I quickly discovered that I not only needed to learn HTML and CSS but also Javascript, Unix, Subversion, hosting, APIs, text editors and so on. As if that wasn’t enough I added the fantastic web framework Ruby on Rails to my list of things to learn.

While I never really got my Goggle application of the ground (but I will one day), I did finally get my first Rails application up and running: It’s very basic (it’s only designed for my immediate family to use) but it’s functional.

I plan to use this blog to record my journey as I discover the wonderful world of web 2.0 development with Ruby on Rails and Javascript, sprinkled with a little HTML, CSS and who knows what else.



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